Monday, March 21, 2011

More Emma Food

Emma is able to have a lot more on her plate now-a-days.  We've added sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, cinnamon (mixed in bananas or rice), mangos and prunes.  She'll eat anything, but tends to make disgusting faces when prunes are put on her tongue.

I bought A LOT of mangos when they were on sale at the local supermarket for $.77 each.  What a deal!  That is, until I began peeling the devil fruit.
I looked up how to do it, and it looked easy.  HA!  It's not.  Mangos are super sticky, and it was hard for me to maneuver around their oddly shaped seed.  Lucky for me, Emma loves mangos, so plenty of practice is my future.

The other "fun" I've been having cooking Emma's food are the prunes.  We decided to try them when we noticed Emma was... ah... straining a bit more than usual (hopefully that euphemism is not lost on you- I don't want to have to go into more detail than possible).  Natural laxative, and on her list of approved food for this time frame. Perfect!  Until we cooked them by boiling them in some water.

Let's just say that the appearance of cooked prunes is very similar to Emma's "problem".  It only got worse as I put them in my Ninja and began to process them.  I'll leave out pictures and just let your mind do that for you.  Eww.

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  1. Ew indeed. I've never eaten prunes, and thanks to you I never will.