Sunday, April 17, 2011

Late Birthday to Myself

A bit behind on posting.  I have completed my bookmark and will update pictures soon.  Just didn't want the blogosphere to forget I exist.

On a funnier note, I had a pretty good student quote last week.  Kids were giving presentations on a variety of topics about the Civil Rights Movement- people, places, events.  I had given the students instructions to try to use more compelling adjectives and adverbs in their PowerPoints.  Everyone gets tired of seeing very, great, wonderful, etc.  I got my wish.  When discussing someone who a student would have normally as "very" educated, they instead had this:  "He was a severely educated man."  I burst out laughing, and had to stop the presenter and have them explain the word severely.  They then sheepishly told me they didn't have a real reason for using it, only that it was listed in the thesaurus .  I applauded their use of the thesaurus, and gently reminded them to be sure it makes sense in the context they use it.

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